Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool 11

I learned a lot about the different technology tools that I did not know it exist. I will have to look into the tools more to learn more about how I can use them in the classroom to accomodate the 21st century learners. I like the idea of using videos in the classroom for students.

Tools 10

Students should be able to find reliable resources. Not to cybor bully antd be cautious about what they do online . I plan to use I-Safe factsheet to teach my students. I would teach the idea of digital citizenship by showing them facts of when technology was not used right such as online bullying and I will make them aware of the consequences . I would have the students tell the parents about they learned and also used the I-Safe factsheet to make parents aware.

Tool 9

The students should have a purpose to use the technology. To keep up with students progress. Students should be held accountable. I liked both Interactivate sites that I visited. They both had interactive quizes that students could use to review. Students should write reflection and summary about it on Google Docs and include pictures of what they did. They can use the AlgebraPad applet to practice equations.

Tools 8

I will assign duties to students to help manage devices.I learned few activities that students can do.

tool. 7 Collaboration

Content objective: Collect data to form functional relationships. Implement: Beginning of the school year Tools: Google Docs to record data Description: Collect data of population of Houston in a 10 year span. Use the data to create an equation relating the plot graph to find the function.

Tool 6. Discussion

I would like to post a group project on Google Doc an Blogger for students to work together as a group in a collaboratively.

Tool 5. Webtools

One of the tools that I made for today lesson was make believe comics.

Geometry Project 1